How To: Take down an aggressor for wheelchair bound defense

Take down an aggressor for wheelchair bound defense

This video demonstrates various methods of self-defense both from in and out of a wheelchair. This video shows the takedown defense.

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what a wuss. I love how the guy gives up right away.

Here is how it should go:

Step 1. Light 200 firecrackers.
Step 2. Walk behind cripple.
Step 3. Duct tape them to the back of his chair.
Step 4. Step AWAY.
Step 5. Smile and sip beer.
Step 6. Live a long life reliving the moment over and over again.
Step 7. Go to HELL and serve as Marlon Brando's scrotum flosser.

Step 1. light the firecrackers
Step 2. walk behind cripple with 200 fire crackers burning at the fuse, and feel them blow up in your hands.
Dip #$%@

He was joking you self righteous cry baby :S

What? Self righteous?

why would someone want to attack a cripple?

i do not know how i got to this video

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